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FOX News
Oct 8, 2012 1:00pm PDT
cases 50 cent as gallon. these are important states for both candidates? >>guest: this will be more of an issue in the debate. mitt romney raised it last week and president obama blamed exxon mobil and they fired back at the president when he suggested changing the tax law to affect that company and it will come up in the v.p. debate and more down the stretch especially if prices are around $4 a gallon. >>eric: what do you think of the idea of relaxing the epa standards? the way i understand it, it is the california epa standard and keeping the national epa standard in place with the blending requirement. what do you think of that idea? >>guest: i'm not an energy expert but the politicians always have to be active in this situation you cannot just it is back and all the people in california, they are upset, they want something done. you can just say, we cannot do anything, it is up to the speculators and the markets. you have to try something. even though a last times when you do something, times it doesn't work. you have to be active whether you are a democrat or republican. you ha
FOX News
Oct 10, 2012 4:00pm EDT
ttialngbo o that. do you think and i know you want to see mitt romney elected, but if the president were re-elected, do you think he would say, absolutely not to that, andlack sio th s of maybe getting a six-month extension if cooler heads on both sides to prevail and address this. >>guest:t is impossible to tell. i don' know what present ama wilr. aswigre fog etlts wt in do tax reform. he had four years. we would have embraced an opportunity to do fundamental tax reform. the president never pvide any idea that he had any interes if that. i t k ggoafteran ti t heild h willing to do that? i suppose it is possible but i could not predict that. >>neil: senator we will be live in washington, dc, looking at this other, you kw, potential train wrec that develops bore the ofhe yoot hrut meg. t in t you will, a lame duck session might take a three or six month reprieve to hammer something out, or that this could be the sort of financial armageddon we ldac this-sear fiscal cliff. there are two big discreet components and we should thing of them separately in my view the one is the massive tax i
FOX News
Oct 12, 2012 1:00pm PDT
said time is awasting and it is up to both parties to put something together. it doesn't look like they will ahead of the election, and maybe because they think maybe republicans think if romney were elected, maybe embolden by a republican senate they might be able to put a deal together more of their liking and democrats waiting out to re-elect rebound, much the same thing but that limits the amount of time they can do anything, right? >>guest: absolutely. no doubt about it. we find ourselves in dire straits right now. the bottom line is the house of representatives has actedded. it must be clear. on sequestration, the house of representatives has acted. on the country tax code, the house of representatives has actedded. on the passing of the budget, we passed a budget last two years. the senate has not taken up a budget in 1,200 days. >>neil: congressman, the fact of the matter is, you and your colleagues agreed to the sequestration rules if everything broke down it was, what i like to call your back up backbone, not you, personally, but the argument that everyone would agree to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)